Friday, 23 December 2011

Ice lanterns

This is a great idea for inexpensive holiday decor.  You can buy shaped molds at Lee Valley Tools to make these ice lanterns, or you can use an old tin, yogurt container or even juice glass. Just make sure to choose something that does NOT flare in at the top.

Step 1:
Fill your vessel part way up with water, then place it level inside the freezer.
Option: add items into the water relating to the theme of your event.  At Christmas you can add cranberries, or evergreen sprigs

Step 2:
Once the first level is frozen, set a smaller vessel inside and weight it down with pie weights or rocks. Add water to the top of the container, and place level inside the freezer.

Step 3:
Remove from the freezer and set-out at room temperature for a short time.  The lantern will slide out of the mould once it thaws slightly. Place a tea light or battery candle inside the lantern cavity, and enjoy!  I placed several of these ice lanterns along the walkway up to the house for my Christmas party.  You can also use the an ice lantern on a table centerpiece (with plate or platter underneath).

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bedside table - before & after

I purchased this little bedside table for $20 on Craigslist.  It had cigarette burns on the top, a very ugly and dated wood finish, and ugly hardware. However, it is solid wood construction, and I could see the potential.

First I sanded the top to take off the finish, and applied a new coat of stain.
Then I painted the base and drawer with some off-white semi-gloss paint that I had on hand.
I added a new modern handle for $4, and a basket for storage for $6, and voila!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Framed antique coat hook collage

This project was inspired by an episode of "Dear Genevieve", where she decorated a livingroom wall with a collection of antique coat hooks of different vintages, styles, sizes and metals.  I set about to collect antique coat hooks for the next year or so, picking them up whenever I saw an interesting one at a flea market, antique shop or salvage yard.  I then found an antique picture frame at an old salvage yard (for free!), then painted it white. I bought a piece of hardboard at the home improvement store ($2), cut it to fit inside the frame, and painted it the wall colour. I arranged the hooks onto the hardboard, then used epoxy to glue them into place on the framed hardboard.