Friday, 10 February 2012

Firewood carrier

I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart, although that might be obvious by now.  This firewood carrier project was featured on one of her TV segments, and inspired me to make my own.

As always, I decided to modify it slightly, to use dowels for handles instead of cord with grommet holes. I found this image on the Internet, and again, modified it slightly to allow a larger opening for the hand.
I chose a thick canvas fabric, and only needed 1/2 metre in total.  I selected a 1" dowel at my home improvement store, 2 lengths of 20".  I cut the fabric as follows, turned and sewed the raw edges on the long side and the hand opening.  I folded the strap sides over the dowels and sewed them.

And voila:

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Corner kitchen table

I was commissioned to design and furnish a basement apartment to stage it for potential renters. The kitchen posed the biggest challenge.  Although it is a relatively large (12'x12') space, it is awkwardly shaped, and it also functions as a hallway to the master bedroom.  I knew it had potential to be an eat-in kitchen, but it won't work to have a stand-alone table and chairs.  I decided to make a custom table by cutting a triangle notch from a round solid wood table top. 

To test if my idea would work, I first cut a peice of cardboard to the proposed size and shape and tested it in the space. It's going to be perfect!

I found the perfect size tabletop for $10 at a hotel furniture liquidator.  I painted the table top with some semi-gloss white paint that I had on hand.


Then, with the help of my handy-man partner Rich, we marked then cut the table top with a skill saw. I bought a single table leg from IKEA for $7.50.  The table leg was attached, and then the table top was bracketed to the wall for stability.  Two matching chairs were purchased on Craigslist for $10each.