Saturday, 13 October 2012

Melted crayon pumpkin

This is a no-carve pumpkin design, which you would think would make it less messy.  Think again.  The first step is to find a white pumpkin.
Next, place newspaper or other protection about 5 feet around your working area.  I recommend working in your garage or somewhere you can make a mess.
Take a package of crayons and peel off the paper wrapper.
Arrange the crayons in order of the colour spectrum.  Red/Purple/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red
Hot glue the crayons on the top of the pumpkin in the order of the colour spectrum.
Melting crayons:
- I used a hairdryer on high heat but low fan, and found that this sprayed the wax around and I had to be careful to pull away when the drips formed.
- I also used a creme brule torch and a barbeque lighter at times through the melting process.
- I think the best thing to use is an heat embossing gun