Sunday, 1 January 2012

Things to do with wine corks

Wine corks have lots of great uses once your wine bottle is empty.

Message board
Attach the corks with a hot glue gun to the inside backing of any picture frame to create a functional message board. Before affixing with hot glue, first dry fit the corks in the chosen pattern. I like alternating two corks vertical, then two corks horizontal and so on.

Trivet (hot pad)
Option 1: Choose any size flat backed photo frame, and hot glue the corks to the inside backing. Up to 8" x 8" works well.

Option 2: Glue wine corks together in a 'standing' formation. I selected all red wine corks because I like the look of the stained red end. 89 corks were used in this project. First, open a bottle of wine and pour yourself a glass.  Next, collect your inventory of old wine corks together on the table. 

 Once you have your corks collected, arrange together standing on the table.  Select the shortest one in the group and measure it to the exact mm.  My shortest cork measured 45mm. All the rest of the corks will have to be cut down to this size.  The corks cut easily with a paring knife or utility knife. Make sure to cut the 'bad' end, leaving all the red sides in tact. 

Start with one cork and place five corks to surround it. Hot glue those five corks to the single centre cork.  Then build another circle around those, one 'layer' or row at a time. I stuck a sewing pin on the corks of the inside layer as I built the next outside layer so I could keep track of the rows. 


Start with a styrofoam or straw wreath form, and hot glue the corks.

Where to collect wine corks
Home -  Save your own corks from bottles that you drink at your own home.
Wineries - When you visit a winery, ask them if they save their used corks.  Most of them will be happy to give you them for free.
Wine Festivals - Ask each wine station to save their corks and collect them from the stations at the end of the function.
Restaurants - most throw them away, but if you ask, they will probably save them for you. 

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