Monday, 19 August 2013

Homemade bed skirt - net $0 project

Our new king sized bed was in desperate need of a bedskirt, and as always, I like to challenge myself to find creative solutions while being as resourceful and thrifty as possible.

Since we had just upgraded from a queen sized bed, I decided to use the fabric from the old threadbare queen sized sheets as the material for the bedskirt.  First I flattened the queen sized fitted sheet by removing the elastic from the corners and taking the corner seams apart.  This was the base for the new king sized bedskirt.  I needed to fill in the squares on the corners with some scrap fabric, but since this part lies underneath the mattress, the patches would not be seen. Next I measured the height of the bed frame and box spring together, this is the height of the finished skirting. I cut strips from the queen sized flat sheet, sewed them end to end to create enough length to wrap around the bed, then starched and pressed the material.  These strips were then sewn onto the base around the sides and front, but not the back.  Another pressing, and the project was complete.  Total cost: $0.

Base for bedskirt

corner patches for bedskirt base

corner patches for bedskirt base

Bedskirt - strips for skirting

New bedskirt done!

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